Saturday, March 29, 2014

You Ask the Character -- Vincen

Since I'm completely out of ideas, I've decided to do something else today. Another character interview ... Except you guys get to ask the questions! Today I'll fling Vincen from Dragon's Whisper up for interview. Ask him whatever questions you want, and I'll force him to anwser.

A brief character profile:

A fifteen year old orphan, Vincen lives with a (large) adopted family in the main settlement in Farra: the Village. His mother died from infection when he was young, and his father went on an exploring expedition when he was eleven and didn't come back. He's currently training for the rank of scholar because it was his father's wish for him and his adopted family holds him to it. He secretly gets training from a healer in his spare time.

Fire away at him, and I'll force him to answer in my next post. ;)


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  2. Here are some questions from Kristana Aleman. She can't comment, so I'm putting them here for her.

    1. What are you scared of?
    2. If that picture is an accurate representation of what you look like, do a lot of girls flirt with you?
    3. Do you think of your adoptive family or your birth parents as your family?
    4. Do you really want to be a scholar, or are you being pressured into it? What else would you want to do?

    (Vincen's squirming already! ;)

  3. Why doesn't he want to be a scholar? What about healing entices him?

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