Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dragon's Whisper Snippet

So I can post more often, I've decided to start posting story snippets and flash fiction. Here's a scene that will probably get my beta-readers hunting me down with pitchforks.

Sonra stood at the end of the street. She held perfectly still, searching through the chaos. The stench of fear assaulted her as she looked. So many lost souls.

But they were not her mission. With sharp eyes she continued to scan the streets. She caught a glimpse of her target, but he disappeared behind the flick of a dragon tail.

She moved down the street, passing through both man and dragon. When she reached them, the dragon stood over the man, blood fouling its claws.

Sonra willed her physical form to appear. “Get away, Ralistye.”

The dragon flinched and snarled. “You cannot tell me who I can take. We have been given free rein. And I have previous ties with this one.”

“That does not matter. Get away.”

Ralistye withdrew from the man and flapped off, screeching as he went. Sonra knelt next to the man. A sliver of information was allowed into her mind. His name was Tyrim. He had indeed had interaction with Ralistye, but that was in the past.

Fatal violence flickered around him. He wouldn't last much longer. She reached toward him, silently requesting healing.

Her arm jerked back. He was not to be healed.

Her attention was drawn to the shell of a young girl in Tyrim's arms. Already gone. Sonra longed to touch her and heal her, but her arm was deadweight.

The girl was not to be healed, either. Nor was the mother who lay near.

Her attention was drawn back to Tyrim. He still had a few minutes left. A few short minutes.

Her fingers tingled as she knew what she would be allowed to do. She focused on Tyrim and his departed family and blinked. When she opened her eyes, they were in a quiet part of the forest.

She settled onto the ground next to Tyrim. The pain, confusion, and guilt in his eyes made her wince. “Have peace and feel no pain.”

The pain instantly faded from his eyes, but the confusion and guilt remained. They struggled within his eyes for a moment before guilt won over.

His gaze fell on the empty body of the young girl in his arms. He pulled her close to him and tears wet his cheeks as he murmured to her. The regret flowing so freely from him gave Sonra pause; she had to take a moment and push it away.

“You have no reason for regret. Have peace.”

He didn't notice. “I'm so sorry … If I could only tell you … If I had only tried harder …”

Her purpose here grew clearer. This she could do. “This is not your fault –”

Another flash of information.

“ … Nor is it punishment. You asked for forgiveness, and it was granted.”

Tyrim calmed slightly, and a hint of fear mixed with his grief. Though it slipped underneath a moment later, it was still there. He trembled with conflict and weariness.

A sudden revelation hit him, and panic joined the emotions assailing him. “My daughter …”

An impression was given to Sonra. He had another daughter. And for the moment, she was well. She was protected. “Your daughter is well. She is alive. She is being protected.”

He relaxed and slumped to the ground, the panic eased.

Sonra could feel his strength fading, could see his lifeblood seeping out of him onto the ground. She kept her eyes on him and prayed. Prayed for peace. For a gentle passing. For his family to be waiting for him.

Sonra reached out and softly touched his shoulder, praying to be allowed the ability to ease his passing.

The slightest shimmer of peace came from him as his breathing slowed, then stopped. Even in physical form, Sonra saw the air shimmer above the discarded body. She focused, listening.

A laugh. A true one. Full of joy and a peace that couldn't be grasped in the fallen realm.

Not just the laugh of man, but of a woman, a little girl, and a young man.

Sonra breathed deeply and smiled. It was well.

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