Saturday, March 22, 2014

Book Review of Gilded by Christina Farley

Today I'm going to review Gilded by Chistina Farley. You can get it here:

I jumped right into this book, and loved it at first. The characters are strong, and Jae's character arc is strong and believable.

I must admit, when I hit the gods and demi-gods, I nearly threw the book out the window. Especially when Haemonu turned on the charm and Jae wanted to go with him. When I got to that point, I thought the book was going to turn into a useless erotic romance between Jae and a demi-god.

It didn't. It was handled beautifully. I usually don't enjoy the gods and demi-gods, thing, but I managed to enjoy this.

And ... Maybe it's just because I'm a Christian, but I was able to find some allegorical elements in it. And I loved the end, that I will not detail because of spoilers.

So. Final thought. If you like adventure books, and don't mind magic and mysticism, then try this book. It's awesome.

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