Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vincen's Answers

Like I promised, I'm forcing Vincen to answer your questions.

1. What are you scared of?

Vincen: *clears throat, glances at me* Must I answer?

Yes, you must. You aren't getting out of any of these. And if you try to lie, I'll know it. So be good.

Vincen: *sighs* ... Dragons ... Being unwanted ...

A bit more than that, Vincen.

Vincen: Well ... Considering I was enslaved for five years by a dragon's charmed amulet, I have reason to fear them. And ... I've always feared that my father left because he was tired of me.

2. If that picture an accurate representation of what you look like, do a lot of girls flirt with you?

Vincen: *shifts uncomfortably* I do not think the picture is completely accurate. And no, most girls stay away from me. Being enslaved turned me into a insensitive idiot. And now ... My author says that the best term to describe me is "geek." So no.

3. Do you think of your adoptive family or your birth parents as your family?

Vincen: My birth parents, of course. My adopted parents have me call them "mother" and "father" as if it's completely natural. But they aren't and never will be.

4. Do you really want to be scholar, or are you being pressured into it? What else would you want to do?

Vincen: I do want to be a scholar ... Somewhat. My father wished for me to be a scholar, since both him and my mother were warriors. He wanted me to do something more lasting and less dangerous. My adopted family will not let me do anything else. It was his wish for me to be a scholar, so they hold me to that.

5. Why don't you want to be a scholar? What about healing entices you?

Vincen: It is not so much that I don't want to be a scholar, but that I want to be a healer more. *looks at me* Do I have to answer the rest of the question?

Yes. You do. Or I could always change the plot of the story so the dragon makes you kill someone then commit suicide.

Vincen: *sighs* Fine. My mother died because of an infection that got out of hand. It could have been easily prevented, had she known. I want to be a healer to prevent that from happening to others.

So, there we are! Thank you cooperating (somewhat), Vincen!


  1. Aw poor Vincen. Don't be so harsh on him lol. I have another question though. How old were you when you were adopted?

    Stori Tori's Blog

    1. Sorry I never replied! My email seems to have eaten the notification. Anyhow. I'll make him answer this question, too. *pokes Vincen*
      (Vincen: I was eleven years old.)