Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some Random Snippets

I'm trying to blog regularly. To keep this up, I'm doing some random stuff today. First, a snippet of Dragon's Whisper, put up on a pretty picture using my new favorite method of procrastination, Picmonkey.

So there's that. My poor MC. I shall avoid saying any more, because my beta readers will slaughter me if they see this. My beta readers hate me. ;)

And for something else ... Um ... How about a snippet of a scene I rewrote today? That work for everyone? Okay? Okay.

She was snapped back to reality by a crashing in the forest. She brought her dagger up, even though it wouldn't be much help if a dragon took a fancy to her.

The dragon burst through the treeline, roaring and thrashing its almost bird-shaped head about. Its black scales, hinted with blue, glinted in the light. Rael's attention was drawn to its wicked black claws, so similar to the one her dagger was made from.

A chill ran through her. She looked up from the dragon's claws – and straight into its eyes. The beast looked directly at her, its eyes an icy shade of blue, filled with intelligence and malevolence. The chill Rael had felt intensified as the creature held her in its glare.

The thing's concentration on Rael was shattered by a battle cry. The gathered warriors attacked the dragon, swords and battle-axes mere blurs as they swung toward the creature.

The dragon reacted with amazing speed. It dodged blows as quickly as the warriors delivered them. It darted away from ax blows and wove between swords, using its spiked wings and tail as well as its claws and teeth to deflect and strike.

A fighter darted close the dragon. Rael held her breath, waiting for the beast to die like it should.

It didn't. It reared onto its hind legs, flapping its wings out behind it and using its tail to steady itself. Its claws flashed as they came down.

The man let out a pain-filled scream that made Rael's stomach turn. He crumpled.

Rael swore she saw cruel pleasure flicker in the monster's freezing blue eyes as it returned to striking blows.

The dragon came back down onto all fours, lashing its tail and knocking a few warriors away. With a sickening crunch, a battle-ax connected with the dragon's wing. Black blood mixed with the red on its scales.

The dragon staggered sideways and roared, its speed and rhythm interrupted. It swung its tail in an attempt to make up for its blunder and now-useless wing.

A warrior that had taken advantage of the dragon's wound to get close fell backward, his sword knocked from his hand. He scrambled backward, defenseless without a weapon. He somehow managed to reach the edge of the action without injury.

Before she could think her actions through, she had tossed her dagger in an easy underhand toward him. It landed a few feet away from him and skittered to his feet. He snatched it up and cast her a grateful glance.

The dragon roared again, beating with its tail and remaining functional wing. The fighter let out a battle cry and darted back into the fray.

She watched the fight more closely now, somehow she was invested in it.

The dragon roared again, its voice laced with pain and rage. The warriors scattered. Try as she might, Rael could find no reason for the sudden change.

The dragon lunged, but the fighters easily moved away from it. Its jaws snapped open, and it spat a mouthful of blue fire at them.

Cold fire?

The blueish – silver fire spattered against the wall and slid harmlessly off the stone.

The dragon roared again, its voice weaker this time. It swayed on its feet. Only then did Rael notice the black blood pouring freely from the creature's neck. She thought she caught a glint of metal, but the dragon shifted before she could tell.

The warriors held back, waiting. The dragon continued to snarl and lunge for them, but each movement was weaker and slower than the last. Eventually it could barely maintain its footing.

It let out a final angry roar as its legs gave out and its thrashing ended.
So, this has been my attempt at regularity. Tune in next time (hopefully tomorrow. ;) )

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