Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Romance? Gack!

I am no romance author. This is obvious. Out of all the books on my shelf (and being a writer, I have a ton of books) not a single one is a romance. I've never dated or been in a romantic relationship. I have NO STINKING CLUES about romance.

And of course that means my characters decided to fall in love.

Not only is this not part of the plot, it's not part of my experience. I have no idea how to handle this. Blasted characters.

But it does make me think. It must mean I have well-developed characters, if they fall in love against my will and the plot.

Who knows? Maybe this will be a good exercise for me. Since I don't have an outline or written out plot or any idea on how to handle this new romance. So I'm going to have to just follow my characters.

Of course, following one's characters tends to end up in unexpected complications and plot twists.

But is that really a bad thing?

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