Friday, November 22, 2013

The Inner Evil Author

  My friends, today I come to you with a warning. Beware of the Inner Evil Author. It dwells inside every writer, and rears its ugly head often. If a writer makes a comment about it, more often than not, you need to go hide and fear for your favorite characters.
  Horrible things happen when writers succumb to their Inner Evil Author. Horrible things. For some reason, everyone's Evil Author seemed to be very active today on Go Teen Writers Facebook group. Let's see ... One writer took a prompt to the extreme, killing off her character by his very worst fear. (The details of this were horrible. Involving the slow, painful death of at least one other, much loved character.) She even threw herself into WID. (Reference previous post.)
  And when I gave into my Evil Author and wrote my MC's death into the plot line, I had at LEAST one person wanting to kill me. Possibly two or more.
  In short, the Inner Evil Author is dangerous, to both characters and writers. Beware.
  For those of you non-writers, I will give you an example of the typical conversation we writers have with our Inner Evil Author.

Author: *writes peacefully* This is such a cute scene.
Inner Evil Author: Nobody likes "cute." Kill off Joe.
Author: NOOOO! Do you know what that would do to Jane?
Inner Evil Author: Yes. Tension. The mid-novel crisis that you need.
Author: What would I do without him?!
Inner Evil Author: Give Jane all sorts of breakdowns and suicidal funks. It'll be great.
Author: NO. It would be mean. Besides, everyone will hate me for it.
Inner Evil Author: This is why your writing is dry.
Author: Is that a challenge?

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