Thursday, November 14, 2013

Plays and Character Chats

I'm getting off to a rather horrible start of blogging regularly, aren't I? I kind of have an excuse, but then again, I guess I always will. I guess I'll give you one of my excuses. A play. I wrote it without knowing what I was getting into.
  Making a play from scratch takes a whole lot more effort than you would think. It's one thing to start with a ready-made script and set instructions. It's a whole 'nother animal to actually make all these things.
  First, there's the writing of the script. This is difficult enough even when you don't have a pastor that writes and critiques every sentence within an inch of its life. (Don't get me started.) I've found I much prefer writing stories. You don't have to worry about actors or sets or making your pastor happy.
  Then there's the actors. At our small church, this is a rather difficult part.
  Then the sets. Again with the small church thing.
  I should probably stop ranting about the play now. On to other topics. Such as ... Let's see here. Give me a little while to think.
(*Three hours later*)
 Aha! For lack of something better, I'll discuss character chats.  This quirky activity is a character development technique that a bunch of writers use. A couple writers chat with each other as their characters.
  These things often get confusing. Very confusing. And things can get interesting, if you get the right writers with the right characters together. And I'll prove my point with a few examples. One of these involved two demons and two demons fighters. With three authors involved. So the clashing of three worlds and characters that naturally didn't get along was ... interesting.
  Then there was the infamous one titled "In which there are demons and stars and healers and alternate selves and pendants that HURT LIKE THE DICKENS." I think the title speaks for itself on that one.
  Then there was one that involved several characters from dystopian worlds, a character from a fantasy world, a character from the 1800's, and a talking wolf. Add in that at least one character there had superpowers ... Yeah ...
  Have I gotten across how crazy those things can get?
  Sorry for the ramble, everyone!

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