Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Character Conversation

In honor of Dragon's Whisper hitting two milestones this week (the novella mark and the halfway mark), I'm going to do an conversation/interview with my female protoganist, Rael.

Welcome, Rael. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Rael: You already know my name. Isn't that enough?

Not quite, Rael.

Rael: I am a wanted criminal, and that is why you can't know any more. It could be used against me, later.

I promise that the authorities won't hear a word of this conversation, Rael. Give us something more.

Rael: *eyes me suspiciously* I'm not sure I trust you. What do you want to know, anyway?

I should have chosen a different character. Tell us where you live, and why you're a criminal, to start with.

Rael: I live in the forest. I lead my group of Believers. Satisfied?

Not quite. What do you believe?

Rael: We follow Joshua, the Maker's son. The dragons that took the Village didn't approve. So we're outlaws now. Happy?

I guess. I'm not going to get much more out of you, am I? So go on. *shoos Rael away*

That was a bit of a disaster. Maybe I should have chosen a different character. Oh well, we'll try this again some other time, with a friendlier character.

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